In partnership with Mad Scientist Media

Downtown Albuquerque is made up of a mix of passionate business owners, community organizers, residents, and artists. As in the rest of the country, Downtown was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and shut down. Business owners old and new came up with creative ways to keep their businesses alive while working to support Downtown and each other. Dr. Frank Mirabal and crew work to bring these local stories to life through a multi-media platform: photography, film and podcast. In the fall of 2021 we worked to identify a sample of business owners to interview and share their stories and experiences through the pandemic. See the full interviews below or listen on Dr. Mirabal’s podcast, Portraits In Color (available on any podcast streaming service). 

2022: A second video is coming soon highlighting a portion of the Downtown art community movers and shakers. Look for updates this summer!



Thank you to Downtown businesses: The Brew, Tuerta, Cecilia’s Cafe, Sanitary Tortilla Factory, and FUSION for participating and sharing your stories!