This survey of 369 respondents who participate in the creative economy of downtown Albuquerque looks at the creative economy of Albuquerque, and the needs of businesses and individuals who define themselves as being part of a creative industry. Data presented contributes to the fields of economics, local cultural policy, and arts management, with further implications in sociology and marketing. This survey, however, is not comprehensive, and there is a need to further survey the needs of Albuquerque’s creative economy.

Why We Created This Report
As a key part of Albuquerque’s urban core, the Downtown Arts & Cultural District invites visitors to explore the area along with helping individual entrepreneurs, artists, organizations, and creative businesses grow their work. The 2017 creative survey seeks to:
– Learn more about Albuquerque’s creatives and businesses
– Provide information on the demographic and socioeconomic status of self-identified creatives and creative businesses in the area
– Identify challenges that artists, musicians, galleries, filmmakers, theaters, bookstores, and other creatives need the most help with
– Present data that creatives and an array of stakeholders in arts and culture can use to design opportunities and projects for growth

Among the stakeholders that can use the data presented here:
– Business leaders, governments, and nonprofits seeking to validate opportunities or showcase the impact of Albuquerque’s creatives and businesses
– Organizations creating training, workshops, and resources for creatives
– Individual creatives and creative businesses interested in applying for loans, expanding, and gaining a deeper understanding of their place in the economy of New  Mexico

Future Steps
For the Arts & Cultural District, there are implications as to how we can integrate these findings into our annual work plan. In the fall of 2018, the District’s committee will be examining our work and creating a strategic plan that takes these findings into account. Our 2019 work will be structured to address these needs and challenges of our creative community.